TWIG: Tristate Workshop on Imaging and Graphics, 2014

Jointly with SIGGRAPH Papers Committee Workshop


When: March 22-23 (Sat-Sun), 2014

Where: Bowl 016, Robertson Hall (Woodrow Wilson School), Princeton University (directions)

This is a workshop for people to exchange ideas on research related to computer graphics. There will be talks by invited speakers from the SIGGRAPH papers committee and by professors from nearby universities, plus a poster session for students to present their latest work.


(Click on talk titles for abstracts. Abstracts will be posted as they are made available.)

Saturday, March 22

   12:45pm     Welcome remarks (Tom Funkhouser)
    Geometry    (Chair: Mario Botsch, Bielefeld)
   12:50pm Yaron Lipman Weizmann Bounded Distortion Simplicial Mappings
   1:15pm Mirela Ben-Chen Technion New Representations in Geometry Processing
   1:40pm Michael Wand Utrecht Symmetry, Building Blocks, and Inverse Procedural Modeling
   2:05pm     Break
    Modeling and Creativity    (Chair: Mark Pauly, EPFL)
   2:35pm Tamy Boubekeur Telecom ParisTech Computational Interaction: Shape Analysis for Interactive Modeling
   3:00pm Ariel Shamir IDC Herzliya Tools for Creative Graphics Applications
   3:25pm Wilmot Li Adobe Stylized Geometry for Digital Fabrication
   3:50pm     Break
    Design and Games    (Chair: Axel Kilian, Princeton)
   4:20pm Takeo Igarashi University of Tokyo Design Everything by Yourself: User Interfaces for Graphics, CAD Modeling and Robots
   4:45pm Adrien Bousseau INRIA Sophia-Antipolis Design Guidelines: Observation, Formulation, Implementation
   5:10pm Aaron Hertzmann Adobe Computational Graphic Design
   5:35pm Andy Nealen NYU Poly Graphics and Games: Learning from and Contributing to Largely Disjoint Communities

Sunday, March 23

   8:00am     Continental breakfast
    Displays, Acquisition and Images    (Chair: Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton)
   9:00am Gordon Wetzstein MIT Compressive Imaging and Display Systems
   9:25am Anat Levin Weizmann Inverse Volume Rendering with Material Dictionaries
   9:50am Eli Shechtman Adobe From Patches to Photo Albums
   10:15am     Break
    Vision    (Chair: Steve Marschner, Cornell)
   10:45am Ping Tan NUS 3D Vision for Graphics
   11:10am Gabriel Brostow UCL Human in the Loop Visual Computing
   11:35am Yaser Sheikh Carnegie Mellon Reconstructing 3D Motion
   12:00pm Jianxiong Xiao Princeton A Big 3D Data Approach to Scene Understanding
   12:25pm     Lunch and posters
    Animation and Simulation    (Chair: Bernhard Thomaszewski, Disney Research)
   2:00pm Paul Kry McGill Balancing Speed and Fidelity in Physics Based Animation and Control
   2:25pm Florence Bertails-Descoubes INRIA Rhône-Alpes Inverse Physically-Based Modeling: From the Geometry of Space Curves to the Mechanics of Thin Elastic Rods
   2:50pm Jernej Barbic USC Model Reduction for Elasticity Problems in Computer Graphics and Animation
   3:15pm     Break
    Deformation, Fluids, Sound and Motion    (Chair: Eitan Grinspun, Columbia)
   3:45pm Ladislav Kavan UPenn The Geometry and Physics of 3D Shape Deformations
   4:10pm Christopher Batty Waterloo Fluid Simulation with Triangle Meshes
   4:35pm Changxi Zheng Columbia Making Impacts Audible in Computer Animation: From Physics-Based Synthesis to Interactive Editing
   5:00pm Chris Bregler NYU Computer Vision for Movie Making and Infographics



If you plan to attend, please fill out the registration form by March 1, 2014.

There is no registration fee.

Travel Information

An excellent transportation network of bus, rail and highways puts Princeton within easy reach (an hour or two) of major urban centers: Philadelphia and Trenton to the southwest, Newark and New York to the northeast. International airports are located in Philadelphia, Newark and New York. Bus and train stations to these cities are adjacent to campus.

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Bowl 016 is in the basement of Robertson Hall/Woodrow Wilson School. This is a large, white building surrounded by high, square pillars next to a fountain (image). (It is about 300 yards from the Computer Science department.) The entrance on the Prospect Avenue side (farthest from the fountain) will be open. Go in through the revolving door, take an immediate left, and go down the stairs.


Please contact Sid Chaudhuri (sidch [AT] cs [DOT] princeton [DOT] edu) with any questions.