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Frequently Asked Questions
I am trying to find X, but can't find one, can you help me? Even though our database is growing, it does not contain a model of everything (for example, there appear to be no models of tigers). The quality of the text retrieval results also suffers from the fact that many models on the web are insufficiently or incorrectly annotated.
I don't see anything to enter my query. What is wrong? You probably need to enable both Java and Javascript in your browser. In Internet Explorer, find these under Tools->Internet Options, Advanced. In Netscape and Mozilla, under Edit->Preferences, Advanced. In Galeon, under Settings.
I tried to download a model, but it is no longer available. Can you send it to me? Because of copyright issues, we only provide the link to a model and the page it's on. The models that are no longer available (it will say this on the model's information page) will be periodically removed from our index.
I drew a nice sketch of a face, but all I got was furniture. Is your 2D matching method broken? The 2D matching method matches exterior outlines of 3D models. If you add interior detail (eyes of a face, the handle of a drawer, etc.) the quality of the match results will suffer.
Our company sells 3D models. Can we add our database so they are indexed by your search engine? Yes. The "referring page" link for each model will be a link back to your homepage. Contact us for more information.